Notify interviewers about rejections

Currently the interviewer doesn’t get notified when a rejection is made to her by her supervisor. To check if the rejection has been made the interviewer must keep on polling the server with synchronization manually.

Suggestion: introduce an App notification which would indicate that a rejection has been made and the interviewer needs to synchronize to receive the rejected interview.

Similar notifications may be used to notify of new assignments being made to the interviewer and new updates installed to the server and available to the interviewer.

Clearly this will only be working if the interviewer’s tablet is online (like with any other notification-capable app).


It would be nice to have a notification on the web version too - and it would be nice if the started/rejected/completed had the number next to them, similar to how the app displays how many of each status there is.


Please provide us with examples of the messages you would like your interviewers to receive.

Simply having the numbers of interviews in the relevant status next to the status title, similar to how the server admin site denotes the number of notifications you have (Though I’d prefer the number to the right):

In terms of a notification, you could use the notification capability available to web browsers if a rejection comes in while the user is logged into their interviewer account through the web interface.
However, this would be much less necessary if there was a number next to the Rejected menu item in the title bar.
At the moment, you can’t tell that you have Rejected interviews unless you click onto that page.