"Notes to Supervisor" not visible anywhere else

Before completing the interview, there is a window for “Notes to Supervisor”. These notes are visible to Supervisors but we would like to have it live somewhere with the data. It does not appear to be part of Metadata. How else can this information be accessed? Can HQ or Admin accounts see it?

Thank you

these notes are part of the interview__comments file, see System generated files

Yes they can, in the interview status history:

It does not appear to be part of Metadata.

Which ‘Metadata’ are you referring to specifically?

Best, Sergiy

Thank you very much Sergiy!

As for Metadata, I was referring to “interview__comments”. My survey is using rosters and in “interview__comments”, I see comments left within the roster but not these “notes to supervisor”. Do these notes exist in some data that gets exported?

Thanks again!

Please use the demo server to illustrate a scenario where a comment left by interviewer is not exported (or not visible) (or not readable).

I suggest you use something easily recognizable, such as SDJFHUWYIUWYUIRYIUFYHJSDHGFUIWETTIWIOYTIO9WYGIWHIUGHWIRYT9W
so that you can then search the exported file for that value and locate where it is saved.