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Hi @sergiy, @macuata, @andreaskutka, @l2nguyen,@arthurshaw2002

How are you? I wanted to implement the multiple select question A1 and then insert a related table with question A1 and place the single select question in A2 within the table. However, in the blue-colored coherence control part in the photo, question A2 should only appear for modalities that have not been selected in question A1. How should I proceed to do this?

Hi. Assuming you have coded A1 as a Yes/No question (which you should), you can create a roster with fixed item set, using the same options as in A1, and add the following enablement condition to the roster:


Unfortunately, this won’t work and will generate an error upon completion. There’s another problem, since the next questionA3 will be a roster of elements selected at A1 level. How are we going to take these two cases concretely in this case with relevant logical codes (See extract from the questionnaire in the photo)?

In this case it is better for the questionnaire flow to put it all into a roster, including the question about the feature. A flat roster makes it easy to navigate. Here is an example

Excellent work, but on my questionnaire there’s another section like this (see photo). In this case, we’ll have two tables separated by a text variable outside the table. How do I get one table to handle unselected options and the other table to handle selected options? Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks

Question with additional conditions posted separately in this thread where the discussion continues.