Not seeing synced completed interview

Good day,

An interviewer synced their tablet however we are not seeing the interviews on the server. When I check the “last connection status” for the user it show that the interview were downloaded from the tablet.

We are running version 21.09.05 on tablets and server. All other interviews have been received. Is there anyway I can retrieve these interviews?

Neville C

Check the broken packages count at the healthcheck. What does it say?

Not seeing a tab for that


Or should I be running a command to see this?


Ah, in this version the information about interview packages is split by workspace. You access it from the context-menu specific to each allocated workspace.

No broken packages for survey.


No broken packages for survey.

Then they are not in the broken packages, as I have hoped.

Then the question is what is special about this tablet, interviewer, account from the others?

I think I have figured out the problem, Looks like the interviewer was syncing a deleted questionnaire. I had left explicit instructions to sync the tablet before going out to interview.

Is there a way to recover these from the deleted questionnaire. Is there any way to export if I imported a new version of the deleted questionnaire.


Dear Neville,

see here: