Not receiving initial email pop-up question in CAWI

We have enabled Web Interview Email Notifications in the Web Interview Settings.
However, after sending invitations, when opening the interview there is no pop-up to supply a contact email address for receiving a continuation link.

The Completion notification is sent okay.

Is there another setting necessary to get the initial email pop-up?


Dear @klaus ,
I know you are a power user of Survey Solutions but I am a little confused by your question. As I can see on DEMO server (version 23.04.2 build 34422) the Email request modal works in appropriate way. Let me explain. To get the modal that, I believe, you are looking for the following conditions must be satisfied:

  1. Selected Web interview email notifications checkbox on Workspace Settings page.
  2. Some email provider has to be setup.
  3. Web mode is turned on for the questionnaire and assignment.
  4. Assignment size (expected quantity) > 1.

According to your words, I assume, that the Assignment size == 1 in your case and you have already set up an email address during assignment creation. Only with these conditions you could sent the invitation. Of course, if we are talking about the Survey Solutions invitation. So, why do you need the email request in this situation?

Could you please describe your scenario step-by-step to locate the problem?

Dear @vfedoseev,

Thanks for your information. You have answered my question through your condition 4.
Yes, we sent out our assignments with size = 1.

In the documentation it just says:

… if the bulk email service is set up by the server administrator, the user will be asked for the contact email at the beginning of the interview

and I was wondering why we didn’t get it. I now understand that for size 1 assignments this email address isn’t necessary.

Thank you,

In the admin settings of the workspace: