Not all data binaries are downloaded when exported without filter in state

Good afternoon survey team, my leading user tells me that, when he exported binary data without a state filter, they did not download some keys, however after identifying which keys they did not download and they approved them by headquarters when exporting with the filter approved by headquarters, they were downloaded keys with their respective audios, because of that problem.
Thanks for your reply.

Please try to replicate the problem on a demo server using a simple questionnaire. I don’t think the binary data can be omitted when all interviews are exported (which you seem to imply, if my reading of your message is correct).

Regards Sergyi,
Survey Solutions have any size limitations when exporting binary data? or how much is the size in GB that it supports.
We will download again to check that all binary data has downloaded.

Multiple gigabytes are possible.
The challenge for the user would be downloading these files.
Hence they can be pushed to your cloud storage, which will be the limiting factor.