Not all assignments loading using Batch load

We are running version 19.12.4 for the past 2 months. I have discovered that there are some assignments in my batch(.tab) assignment file that does not load. During the load it verifies everything OK and the total displayed after the load also corresponds with what was supposed to be loaded.
Our provincial staff usually checks the assignments they receive on the devices against the assignment plan submitted. they brought my attention to the missing assignments.
I checked they were in the original batch file.
I even created a separate batch load file with only these missing assignments. when I load this file it verifies everything and loads successfully. but when I look /search under assignments nothing was loaded.

Dear Danie,

what you describe is clearly not the way the feature was supposed to work. If the confirmation says N new assignments were created, then exactly N should have been created.

That said, there is nothing specific that we can take as a lead in the above description.

Try to review your assignments file and see what is different between the ‘successfully loading’ and ‘disappearing’ assignments. This can give you a hint on what may be causing this.

Alternatively, try to reproduce the issue on a cloud server, and if reproduced point it to the tech support.