Non-response validations

We’re trying to find a work around to address non-responses to survey questions. We understand that platform mimics PAPI and it is not possible to prevent an answer to be saved with any validation rule (i.e. system automatically accepts responses with errors even with validations in place). However, minimizing errors and blanks are important to us, especially since we also launch survey via web interviewing method. With this, we would like to check if there are any features in Survey Solutions that may function similar or equivalent to any of the following:

  1. Non-acceptance of blank responses
  2. Not being able to proceed to the next section with a blank response
  3. Other work-arounds or features of programming available that will help better prompt respondents of the error in their response, if non-acceptance of the response is not at all possible. We already tried flagging non-response as warnings but we still got a lot of non-responses

Hope someone can advise. Thanks for the help.

The handling of the mandatory questions is described here:

Your current question focuses on the technical means of prevention of unanswered questions and provides exactly zero description of why the questions are left not answered.

Until you describe the reasons for non-response, the straightforward recommendation that follows from your requirement #1Non-acceptance of blank responses” is to purge the interviews containing unanswered questions from the final dataset. You probably didn’t meant it, but this is what you’ve written.

Note that in 5 days nobody has responded to your question in the forum. It is not entirely dissimilar to the situation with your survey: it could be long, not interesting, not relevant for the targeted group, asking inaccessible or sensitive questions, or simply boring.

Advice on handling these situations is not related to the software used to collect the data, but a general survey methodology issue. Advice on it is plentiful in:

“Nonresponse in Social Science Surveys: A Research Agenda” (2013)
Roger Tourangeau and Thomas J. Plewes (editors)
See particularly chapter 4: “Approaches to Improving Survey Response”

If this is any consolation, there is rather strong evidence that the mere presence of the interviewer may cause non-response in some specific situations, and correspondingly eliminating the interviewer by switching to CAPI may actually be the solution.

Best, Sergiy

PS: do you think this question has anything to do with the last quiz question ?