No variable label in the export data with Stata format

Dear all,
I don’t know why the data export with .dta format is no longer have variable labels. But for the preceding times of the prior surveys, I can get variable labels directly under .dta format.
For example, variable name is p1q1 (i.e., part 1 question 1) with the variable label is “Does your HH install electricity meter directly from electricity company?”.
But when I export data under Stata format, it does not work for all variable names. So I used tab zip file to import from .tab to .dta for getting .dta with labels.

Please help me!!! Many thanks…

I do face this issue on several servers as well since yesterday after Version 20.01 has been released.

However the servers I am using still run on 19.12.6 (build 26753). All .dta-files that have been generated/added to queue before the 13rd of January 2020 still contain variable + value labels.

@NhuMan0102, check this thread in the coming days, this will be just a temporary issue I guess. I’ll send a mail to the support team.

@peter_brueck got it, many thanks again…

Don’t know.

Just checked:

Can confirm, all files that I export now do contain all variable + value labels again.

One of the servers has been upgraded to 20.01 but it also works again with a server running on 19.12.6 (build 26753) .

Dear all,

Many thanks for your quick support. Great. I’ve just downloaded .dta-file, all files export now contain all variables and its labels.

Thank you for confirming.

A colleague has just contacted me and explained that this was detected and quickly fixed from a different time zone within a few hours after the release yesterday, hence the version 20.01.1 (1st hotfix to v20.01).

I was not aware of this when posting the above screenshot.

Just explaining so that you know you didn’t dream of that problem, but that it really happened, and is already fixed. Any data in Stata format downloaded from the v20.01 better be re-exported and re-downloaded.

Regards, Sergiy

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