No. of answered questions - interview__diagnostics file

I also see the two use cases you describe.

Based on my experience & anectodal evidence it’s main use would be during survey monitoring.

I also prefer the api approach, however, actually looking back the past 2 years, I almost always had to use the export service, as we were closely monitoring some or extensively survey data that was not accessible through API endpoints/GraphQL (see related discussion). So for these use cases, I could have avoided additional API requests, as almost all info from the /api/v1/interviews/{id}/stats endpoint can be found in the system- generated files but the # of answers set.

Maybe another advantage: Less experienced users who can/do not use api approaches could get access to this information?

Would be nice to hear from others if they a) faced the same situation / make use of “Answers Set” and b) if it was actually of any use at some point to identify data quality issues / interviewer behavior @klaus @ashwinikalantri @kv700032