No activity on server...server will be stopped


I am looking for advice on how to keep our server active. We are conducting a long-term study (2+ years) using Survey Solutions. We do not collect data daily or even monthly, in some cases. Due to the inconsistency in our data collection, we have had issues with our server being stopped.

Has anyone had similar issues? What steps do we need to take when we receive an error message stating “There was no activity on your server for more than [x #] days. The server will be stopped on [date].” What do I need to do for our server to be considered “active”?

Any and all advice is welcome - I just started in a new job and my position requires that I manage our Survey Solutions server, etc., and this is one issue I have not been able to figure out.

You must request an extension from your server, this can be done by managing your server.

Do it since here

From what I understand, you can do anything on the server for it to be considered active, such as: importing a questionnaire, archiving an assignment. archiving a supervisor or interviewer, rejecting an interview, etc.

However, I would suggest that if you are doing a long term study where there are large gaps of several months in between the rounds of fieldwork that instead of trying to keep the same server alive, you should get a new server per round of data collection.

Hi Lena, Thank you very much for your insights. I agree: it might be best for us to get a new server for each round of data collection. I also think that this is what the Survey Solutions folks would prefer.

Thanks again!