New way to send a Server Request

Hi Survey Solutions team

A few weeks ago, I posted a topic in this forum about bulk email sending in CAWI mode.

My next step is to submit a server request to have a server for testing and if all is correct submit a new server request (production server) to collect survey the data in the field but I found this:
In April 09, 2020 they explain that Survey Solutions only allows creating a server request to study the tool.
This isn’t good news for our interests because we really enjoyed the ease that the tool previously offered mainly in security aspects and for the purposes of this survey that we want to carry out in CAWI mode it is not feasible for us to have a standalone servers.
The PDS (personal demonstration servers) for studying the application are not an option for our survey because we want to carry out this survey every month and our field of study is less than one hundred people and given the following characteristics of PDS:

  • The server and all stored data will be automatically deleted 30 days after it was created.
  • A PDS may not be extended, but can be requested again after it expires.
  • We do not do backups of data stored on PDS and there is no possibility for any data recovery after the site has been stopped (all content is deleted immediately).

PDSs are definitely not an option and they do not provide a guarantee to request such a server and use it in our survey.

I would like to know what possibilities Survey Solutions offer me or what should be the steps to follow to send a server request that is not PDS or Standalone Server?

Please, I request some guidance in this regard, because if this has no solution, it is likely that our survey will not be carried out in Survey Solutions :frowning_face: and, from the experience I have working with this tool, there is certainly no tool on the market so wide and varied like this and, above all, as flexible to adapt to the budgets and demands of each person who uses it in the world.

Thanks for always helping us!

could you please explain the above statement?

I mentioned this because to use a standalone server we need to configure a complete hardware architecture as mentioned here.

Also, having a standalone server will not allow us to take advantage of the benefits provided by Amazon SES, where it mentions that if you send from an application hosted on Amazon EC2, the first 62,000 emails you send each month will be free.

And finally, our survey covers a very small sample (less than 100 monthly interviews) and the server where the survey is hosted will only be active (send and receive interviews) for at least one week each month. For this reason, we are interested in knowing how to request a server that provides us with the benefits provided above, we feel more secure knowing that our information is stored on one of the servers that it provides us.

From the standpoint of statistics, there is no difference which server is used - it is the same software regardless where it is installed.

Indeed there could be economies of scale for grouping multiple smaller data collection operations into one hosting undertaking.