New server unavailable

Hi, why is unavailable “new server” request?

Hello, for now hosting on World Bank cloud is only available for World Bank projects. You can install your own instance of survey solutions software using instructions

This also means that at this time you no longer have to submit the request for approval of your own installations of Survey Solutions as before. Just download the software, install it and you are ready to go.

Hi sergiy!
I wish the option to request the server space from Word Bank could remain as previous, even for a simple survey institutions/individuals will be forced to have;

  1. A server (in house or from cloud server providers)
  2. Software Installations ( [PostgreSQL, Ms server etc)
  3. Server management
    It would be better if that option could remain as before to support non world bank projects too.

Hi Sergiy, at which step do you verify that the project is a WB project and thus we could have access to the cloud? Can the survey firms working with the WB team remotely also work on the cloud? Thanks

We do not verify. Unfortunately the Survey Solutions development team is no longer providing hosting services. We concentrate on continuing to develop the product and make software and its documentation freely and publicly available.

For World Bank projects/work there are internal mechanisms how different teams collaborate with each other. But as far as the survey firms are concerned, whenever you have a contract with your hiring WB team, that contract is/should cover your interaction, including what tools you’re going to use/will be provided in order to deliver on our output.

Hi Zurab,

I am part of a World Bank team and we’ve just hired a Survey Firm. They are asking us how to collaborate with them on Survey Solutions. We collaborated with them last year, using a server hosted on the cloud in Survey Solutions without having to create our own surver. We are struggling to understand how to continue this collaboration because we cannot understand the new requirements to get a server. Thanks

You can install survey solutions software on amazon cloud and it will work in the same way as if it was hosted in worldbank cloud. Please follow instructions from support site on getting your server running

Survey Solutions is a software, just like Excel, or Stata. Once you get the software to do data-collection or analysis, you need some kind of ‘work space’ where the software runs on, server sitting under the desk; personal laptop; virtual server provided by the corporate IT or purchased from cloud service providers like Amazon aws or Microsoft Azure. So there is a software available for free (one difference from Excel or Stata) that your survey firm or any other user can freely use - downloadable from

Good evening SS team,

I would like to know if it exists or if any of you have been able to perform the installation in Microsft Azure, in advance thank you very much for your response.

There should be no issues in running suso in azure. All you need is postresql and windows VM.