New Server Request with Shared Questionnaire

Currently there is no ability to submit a new server request using a ‘Questionnaire Shared With Me’ survey.

However, you can import a ‘questionnaire shared with me’ when importing questionnaires for creating assignments.
Given that sharing questionnaires give the ability to edit, it is not a good process to force the user to copy the questionnaire to create a server.

I disagree. We provide servers to our users for free. However, the servers are not free for the World Bank - we pay for them. So, we try to minimize the waste of resources by imposing some controls on the users who requests new server. One of these conditions is that we want a user to indicate a seriousness of his/her intent by demonstrating that a user developed his/her own questionnaire. Thus this restriction.

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That is a very fair point

Hello, I want to know how long after sending my server request to get a response and access to the server for the questionnaire I developed

A server should be created within two days after you submit your request. In practice, the server will be created in a two-three hours after your submission.

Thank you very much for the reply

Hi, when I sent my request server I put 3200 as sample, is the max capacity 3200 interviews that I can do or I can do more interviews

You can collect more interviews on that server. However, we are monitoring the server usage and if you exceed the declared number by far we expect you to notify us about it.

As a general rule, we prefer you to use a dedicated server per survey. In other words, do not run multiple surveys on the same server - request a new one.

Thank you very much for the reply again :smiley:

I understand the general rule, but I would like to point out that if you’re running multiple surveys at the same time, it’s pretty impractical to use a dedicated server for each survey when you can’t switch servers/logins on the fly in the application (I’m not asking for this, just pointing out a common exception to the general rule).

Scott, in here we write:

If a single survey uses several survey instruments, request a single server.

So if you are doing a survey with interviewing of e.g. village heads with one questionnaire and selected households with a totally different questionnaire, but with the same interviewers and over the same period, you are welcome to use the same server for this, of course.

But if you have a company that is doing an LFS in January with the ministry of labor interviewers, and DHS in August with the ministry of health interviewers, then we ask you to have two different servers, each covering each such operation.

Best, Sergiy

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Understood, the former is exactly my scenario and how we’re proceeding :wink: