📢 New release: Survey Solutions v24.06 has just been released!

Survey Solutions v24.06 has just been released!

Version 24.06 contains:

  • Interview verification on completion allows implementing ‘required questions’ or custom critical rules, as was discussed numerous times in the forum, see for example, here and here;
  • The limits on the number of items in the rosters have been revised;
  • Usage of online basemaps requires the users to obtain and set up their keys, as was announced earlier in this forum, see this post;
  • It is now possible to set up numeric questions to keep more digits without rounding, often requested when dealing with large monetary amounts or identifiers, see this post, or this post;
  • Completion screen is revised, and now shows the list of questions left not answered in the interview, allowing jumping directly to such questions. This was often requested by the interviewers and in the users’ forum, see here, here,
  • Other changes, bugfixes, and announcements: view.

Users of Survey Solutions in Docker must familiarize themselves with important details in the full release notes before attempting an update!

The demo server has been updated already and sports a sparkling-new Survey Solutions v24.06! Check out the new version features there and let us know what you think about it!


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