New release: Survey Solutions v23.09 has been released!

Version 23.09 contains:

  • Administrator users can get straight to the workspace settings from within a workspace
  • Action buttons were added to questionnaires and assignments details pages and the interview review page.
  • The workspaces page was enhanced with a search box.
  • Assignment history is now augmented to show the tablet ID.
  • GDAL installation is now optional for the use of digital maps in GeoTiff file format.
  • Calculated variables can now be seen in the WebTester.
  • Event timestamps in paradata now contain information with milliseconds precision.
  • Paradata export archive now has additional identification files.
  • Assignment color update.
  • PDF transcripts of interviews no longer contain preloaded values of hidden questions.
  • Other changes, bugfixes, and announcements: view.

Note that Android 7.0 or more recent is required for this version.