New options for categorical single select question

Unable to upload New options in Combo box question for the list of barangays in the philippines; the tab delimited file that I’m trying to upload contains more than 15000 options.

Survey Solutions Designer has some limits not to overload the questionnaire.
Here is the link to the limits:

While designing the questionnaire you have to know about them.


Please describe your case. Why do you need more than 15,000 items in the combo box.


Hi! Aleksandra Thank you for the link.



Hello Michael,

We’re designing a prototype data entry application for the Establishments & household-based surveys using survey solution Designer. And we would like to have a cascading combo boxes for the geographic location as to avoid or minimized errors in capturing data. We usually used a geographic reference file composed of 17 Regions, 86 Provinces, and 42,036 Barangays as our reference file, but we’re not able to upload the entire content of the file into the combo box.



For the sample-based surveys, these information will be preloaded - an interviewer will not enter it himself. So, there is no need for the combo-boxes. For the census-type surveys, split your Barangays onto three groups (i.e., north, central, south) and create 3 sets of cascading questions.


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Thank you for the suggestion.



Hi, I’ve got a single select question which has 99 categories to choose, but when I select the combo box option I am only able to see 56 categories. I’d like your help with this.

As you start typing you will see the other options as well.