New assignment that was not created (knowingly) appeared in downloaded data

Dear Survey Solutions team,

I have an online survey running, and from time to time I download the data to check response. In the last download I noticed there was an ‘extra’ assignment that I believe was not created by me, at least not advertendly. I am the only one with access to the server, so it is not possible anyone else created it either.

Looking at date the new assignment was last updated (in the headquarters section, interviews tab, column ‘updated on’), I was active on the server, but can’t think how I would have created a new assignment. Previous assignments were created in bulk, and the assignments have one prefilled question (a country code) which is also filled out for this new assignment. Could this be the case if I inadvertently created the assignment?

I don’t think this will cause any problems as no-one can respond to this assignment, and I can easily delete it, but I just wanted to ask if you perhaps had any idea what could have happened, or I could have done wrong, as it is a little worrying that changes occur that I didnt (mean to) initiate.

Many thanks in advance,

Sebastiaan Hess


assignments don’t have life-events tracking like interviews. So it would be difficult to answer this question.

You’ve asked: “Could this be the case if I inadvertently created the assignment?
Perhaps, but I can’t imagine how. I have just checked that after creating an assignment manually, pressing the browser “back” button doesn’t spin off a new assignment. That was the most obvious risk, but no, it works properly bringing you the form.

Thanks Sergiy,

Yes, strange then. I will keep an eye on it and see if it happens again.