New assignment in headquarters doesn't show full list of enumerators under "Responsible"


I wanted to assign a questionnaire to the enumerators (manually, one by one). On the “Create new assignment for questionnaire XX” page where you enter the enumerator name (“Select responsible (Headquarters or Supervisor or Interviewer) for this assignment”) the drop down list only shows the first 12 enumerators/supervisors, and I can’t scroll down further.

If I use the search option of that entry field and type in the enumerator/supervisor names that are further down the list, I can find them. I don’t know if this is a browser issue or programmed this way to prevent a very long list for those surveys with many enumerators, but just wanted to flag it and perhaps make others aware.

Thank you,


Good day sebastiaanhesss,

This is expected behavior for controls like you described in the message above. That prevents lagging and freezing of UI. Thank you.