Need Help in Server Setup on Windows Server 2016


I am new in Survey Solutions. Recently I have setup Survey Solutions HQ on my server. However, when I try to access it, I get the following blank page.

I was wondering if it is normal? If yes, what should be my next course of action?

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The menu at the top-right corner will have the menu items for various actions. Or zoom out to see them unfolded at the top of the screen.

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Thanks Sergiy, for your kind reply. That was extremely helpful for me. The menus appeared when I zoom out to 50%. However, the pages are still blank. What should I do now in order to start my first survey? Please pardon me for the silly question as I am really new to Survey Solutions. Previously I worked with another platform.

Perhaps, start by throwing away Internet Explorer.

Then follow Getting started - YouTube

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Thank you so much!! All the issues resolved after I switched to Edge.

Great, thank you for confirming!