Navigation button at end of roster or section partially disappears in Interviewer App

Dear team,

In testing my questionnaire (using the Interviewer App Version 21.01.8, not the Tester App) by doing some mock interviews I found a small issue, I thought I’d mention:

Entering questions at the end of a roster or section partially makes the navigation button at the end of a roster or (sub-)section disappear as shown in the sceenshots below (in the screenshots below it is the return to “Household roster and general info” button).

As shown, it isn’t necessarily the last question that triggers this, but it seems to happen on the first question answered while that button is “in sight”. It also doesn’t happen every time or on every screen and I have not figured out what triggers it exactly. It is not only in rosters or subsections, and happened also at the end of the interview where the “TO COMPLETE SCREEN” partially disappeared.

Scrolling back up and changing an answer makes the button completely visible again, but only if I scroll up far enough so the button is “out of sight”. Answering more questions or changing answers while the button remains in sight does not bring it back.

This is not a big issue as the button still works even if partially hidden and enumerators shouldn’t be too confused, but it would be nicer if this didn’t happen, so just wanted to share.

Hope this is useful. If you have any questions or want me to check something, please shout. I am using Android Version 7.1.1.



Dear Sebastiaan, thank you very much, we have received a similar report last week from colleagues in Chile who have discovered the same behavior. Developers already know this as issue KP-14710.

It would help if you could share the information about your screen resolution and font magnification (different tablets will have different options, so let us know the scale as well, such as: small, normal, [large], huge, where [] denotes selected option.

At this time we know that if you leave the section and come back the button should appear normally, but since navigation away from the section is the purpose of this button, the interviewer will have to do a couple of extra clicks to call for the table of contents.

Try to rotate the tablet to landscape mode and then back to the portrait mode to let the screen to redraw itself, as the problem is seemingly related to rendering of the image only.

Dear Sergiy,

It indeed disappears when the tablet rotates.

I took a screenshot of my screen settings (font style is Default in all my tests - not shown in screen shot):

I tried a few other settings which I tested on my roster screen: it does not seem to happen in the largest sizes, the following combinations:
Screen zoom: EXTRA LARGE & Font size: LARGE
Screen zoom: HUGE & Font size: MEDIUM
Screen zoom: LARGE & Font size: HUGE

In other ‘smaller combinations’ (i.e., that together show more on a screen) it did happen. In the large settings when it did not occur, I could only see the last question and the navigation button in one screen. In those smaller settings, I could at least see the second to last question too. Not sure if this is related. In the smaller settings, the problem was triggered when I answered the last question and when I answered earlier questions (as long as I could already see the navigation button and answering did not enable other questions that pushed the navigation button down and out of sight.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more info. My tablet is a samsung galaxy tab A, model number SM-T550. I have one other tablet I could try if you think this is helpful (not sure about type right now; it is older, perhaps older than android 5.0; samsung as well). Let me know if you would like me to test this.



Thank you Sebastiaan for letting know the parameters and trying various combinations.

Survey Solutions requires Android 5.0 or later, so if it is less than 5.0 it will not install.

We will check the settings that reflect the responsiveness of the application to the changes in the questionnaire to make sure the button is visible in other combinations of the screen resolution/font scaling.

I also checked the other tablet I have access to (Samsung SM-T530, Android version 5.0.2).

It also showed the same problem.

Font size was set to highest (a 7 point scale from tiny to huge I think… but in Dutch). I couldn’t set the zoom level on this tablet (either not available or could’t find the place where to set it). With this setting a screen showed more than the “large” settings I mentioned in my previous message, ie. I could see at least 2 questions and the button in one shot.

I zoomed through the accessibility function (three tabs) but problems persisted with the navigation button that way (I think zooming this way is simply an enlargement of part of the screen, not a ‘real’ zoom.

Hope that helps,