Name of binary data and paradata files

Hi Survey Solutions team.

I was downloading the main files for a questionnaire (Main survey data. Zip file with the main interview data), then I was selecting to download the files without metadata (Exclude meta information about questionnaire).
This works really well.

But then I downloaded the binary data (Binary Data. Archive with binary data (e.g., pictures, audio)) and the file paradata of the questionnaire (Paradata. Metadata about the interview process (events and time)) and I noticed that the name of the paradata file included the words “no-meta”.

Then I updated the export page and downloaded the paradata file again and it no longer included the words “no-meta

Thanks for your help Survey Solutions Team!

Hello Kevin,

changes to export have been announced and described in
and linked article.

There is now an explicit selector, which controls whether to include the meta-information about the questionnaire into the export file.

When the meta-information is not included the main download file is getting the suffix no-meta. Meta information is not included with the binary and paradata, but apparently the suffix is still being added despite this setting is disabled and hidden in those modes of export. After you reload the page the setting gets reset to the default “Include…” , which doesn’t result in any additional suffix.

For binary and paradata the content will be the same whether the last export was with or without the meta information. You can also rename the files already downloaded if so desired.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

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