Name check of the respondent

Hi SS Development Team,

I have faced the problem with name spell check. I wrote Household member name “Nisa” in household roster. Same name should be mentioned in the question number QS7. We have used soft validation check in the script. If the interviewer will mistake spelling or wrote the different name, the script will show the error message “Name of the selected person is different or check spelling”. So, we have used the stntax…


I want to use some hard check that if the interviewer will wrote the different name or spelling mistake then the cursor will not be proceed for the next question. The script will be stopped there until corrected the name.

Below screenshot shows for your reference.

Can you assist me what syntax I should be used for this issue.

Waiting for your great reply at the earliest.


This must be solved with the help of the linked question (single select linked to the list of household members). There is a bunch of these situations demonstrated in “Public example User questions and common patterns”.

Just in case: “The script will be stopped there” is not a Survey Solutions terminology.

Best, Sergiy

QS7 “Question type” is the Text (AB) and there is no inbuilt filter box where the Link check box is available. How do I link?

Can you share me the solution please?