Muti-select questions - combo box

Dear SuSo guys,

Is there any way that we could add the combo box functionality to the multi-select questions? I have a long list of options and my enumerators would like to be able to just type in a box and find the options. Unfortunately, the options need to be for a multi-select roster and not a single select.

Also, I have a couple of questions that always use the same options (e.g. crops) across various places on the questionnaire (and it doesn’t make sense to have it as a roster or as a linked question). Is there anyway that we could have an option on the sidebar for this? Its linked with the above question - as we can load the long lists for a specific question but not universal for the questionnaire.

Thanks. Keep up the good work.



Hi Alicia

I second your idea of multi select combo boxes, they would be useful indeed in some settings.

I don’t quite understand your second question. If it is about reusing answer options in different questions: I was initially keen on being able to use answer options across multiple questions, but I have come down on the side that I think it does not matter so much. Both copying and pasting the answer options as strings from one question to an other and importing long list work quite well, and it doesn’t take all that long.

Sure. If you’re building the survey once, it makes sense to just copy and paste.

However, we’re trying to build a modular survey so that countries could replace certain categories with local country-specific options without having to change (or forget) all the options in several places. The questions will stay the same, but the answers should be tailored.

For example, if i have several questions on storage or farm practices that’s going to be something that is more narrowly specific to countries.