Multiselect filter options


I have a multiselect question with max 3 responses. An example is as follows:
Question: What challenges did you face…?
There are 10 options for the responses, one of them being “No challenges faced”. I want the rest of the 9 options to be un selectable the moment “No challenges faced” is selected. Any idea on how can this be done?

Try to do this in your validation:
!(self.Contains(code of option "No challenges faced") && self.ContainsAny(The rest of options))

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A) Re-work into two questions:

  1. Have you had any challenges? (Y/N)
  2. What were the challenges (multiselect)


B) turn the question into multiselect with Y/N options, then you don’t need the “no challenges” option.

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Hi sergy,
Yes, I do have a challenge. First, I have a multiple select question starting with option of none as a choice zero (0). I would like to put a validation that none cannot be selected with another option. E.g A farmer cannot have no crop and at the same time have other crops. It is a contradiction. I am unable to get the acceptable syntax

Second, I would like to make sure that where the previous condition is met, you cannot select none, e,g a farmer with none crop when a question asks "which crops did you grow in the last cropping season?

Finally, what is cascading combo box equivalent in multiple select categories. Could you help with the syntax that filters multiple select categories depending on previous parent question?

Thanks in advance


Hello @wilfredomondi ,

My advice was literally to take your multiselect question and split it into two questions. Of which the first one is a screening question to determine if the farmer has any challenges, and the second to determine which ones specifically, when the screening question is answered positively.

If you want to keep it as a single question, then Kevin has already recommended the syntax for a validation condition. What’s wrong with it? (If anything)

Best, Sergiy

Thank you for the syntax. It worked