Multiple surveys on the same server

The Survey Solutions user Samwel Lwiza has sent us the following question:

I am a researcher from University of Dar es Salaam Tanzania. Currently, I am designing a data collection tool for a project “COVID-19 and Energy use in Tanzania”. The project requires data from households and enterprises, thus two surveys (households survey and enterprise survey). What should I do when I’m hosting two surveys?

Dear Samwel, thank you for the question. The Survey Solutions software can handle multiple surveys at the same server. Our demo server is a demonstration of this as it routinely contains multiple questionnaires/surveys.

The preparation for the survey involves:

  • fixed setup activities, such as creating user accounts, which you do only once in the beginning, and then
  • variable activities related to surveys, such as importing the questionnaire, and making assignments. These you will need to repeat for every survey.

Best, Sergiy