Multiple select

I have a list of 250 items(radio stations) and i would like to use the above question. The multiple select question is only displaying 200 items as opposed to my entire list.

How can i display the complete list of items of 250?

Hello Tom,

and thank you for the question. Showing such large number of options at the same time on a tablet is not practical. Either break your options into several categorical questions and use CASCADING selection, or use the COMBOBOX approach.

In CASCADING an interviewer will make 2 choices, such as MEAT—>BEEF, or FRUIT—>ORANGE;
In COMBOBOX an interviewer will type the option text to find it in the list.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Hi Sergiy,

Thank you for the response. The solution you suggested works with SINGLE SELECT questions and not MULTI-SELECT which is what i want.

I have categorized the list by alphabets, linked the codes i.e. A,B,C etc with the question and tested it. Good for single but NOT multi-select.

How do use Multi-select for combobox or cascading?

Tom, you are right, I’ve missed the “multiple” in your question.
Multiselect will not allow more than 200 options, see “limits”:

  1. Breaking it up by subgroups is the best thing I can recommend without seeing the questionnaire.

  2. remember that a multiselect question is a shorthand notation for a bunch of single select questions. So in the worst case you can always place 250 single select Y/N questions: “Do you listen to station X? (Y/N)”, “Do you listen to station Y? (Y/N)”.

  3. if people on the street are somewhat resembling me, they are probably not listening to 250 stations, but rather have 3-5 which they listen to. So ask them (list) what they listen to, encode every instance with a single select categorical and proceed. This is especially convenient if you intend to have a roster about the stations subsequently.

Best, Sergiy