Multiple select question roster

Hi There,
I have a multiple select question and a roster linked to that question.
and the problem is the roster question will only ask for those who are not selected in the previous multiple select question.

what expression can i use? Please suggest.

Thank you.

Rahul, roster triggered by a multiselect question shows items selected in it. An enabling condition can be used to further restrict this set. Not expand it.

What is the context?

Hi Sergiy,
In details i have 2 set of questions followed by a roster and the reference question is a multiple type question and this is in a Yes/no format.
1st set of questions will ask only for those which are selected in that multiple select question and the 2nd set will ask only for those which are not selected in that multiple question.
So, I am facing some problem while doing the 2nd roster.
Is it possible to do this.?
Is there any documentation i could approach?
Many thanks.

Please refer to the “Tourism seasons” example in “Public example User questions and common patterns” though it is somewhat more complex with 3 groups.