Multiple Photo option

When including a picture question, is it possible to take multiple (2-4 pictures)?

For example one of our questions requires verification of a document that is multiple pages, hence the need for the enumerator to take multiple photos.

Thank you.

No, a photo question can only take a single picture. You will need to create a series of photo questions to accommodate multiple pages. Please also be aware of the large size of the questionnaire with multiple pictures that might be expensive for synchronization.

I would like to ask you the same question. Can I take more than 1 photo in a picture question?
Could you please confirm that this is still valid?

Thank you in advance.

@Nikos, you are asking the same question, but it is not clear whether your context is the same.

You can’t put multiple pictures into 1 question. And you won’t be able to in the future as I see it. And this is for the same reason you can’t put multiple numbers as an answer to a numeric question.

Going back to @eherath question, the solution is trivial - just put 2-4 image questions. In a different context the advice may be different of course. For example, I’ve recently consulted on a survey where the client opted for interviewers uploading the document to a repository, and entering a unique tag into the interview. This makes a much cleaner solution.