Multiple line in option text?

Would it be possible to make single-select question with multi-line option like:
option 1) salary: high <-- I would like to put line break here
location: far
option 2) salary: low
location: close

“<br”> tag does not work in the option text.

No, this is not possible to do in the current implementation. A single select and multi select quetion options could be only one line. I also not sure why do you need to have multiple lines. I see your examle, but do not understand the reason. Please explain.

Sakiko, this looks like 2 different questions to me. What is the question that you are asking to the respondent that you have such options?

Options in Survey Solutions may be quite long, in which case they are wrapped automatically.

HTML tags are not permitted in the options. Hence you can’t do line breaks, nor make the text underlined or colored.

Examples of text decoration that is supported you can find here:

Thank you so much for your reply, Misha and Sergiy.

I understand that HTML tags are not permitted in the options. Thank you.

The reason why I wanted to use a line break is to present a table. I want to try discrete choice experiment (DCE), showing a table which explains two options with attributes and make them choose one option. First I thought a table could be made by multiple line, but currently my idea is to present a picture of table in a static text before the single-select question. It looks a solution to me.

Thank you for your help!