Multiple interviews from single interview assignment

In a field test yesterday a tablet generated 2 interviews from a single interview assignment.

Looking at the paradata I found the following:

  • the 2 interviews were created 1 second apart.
  • immediately following this, the 2nd interview was filled out and completed.
  • 4 minutes later the 1st interview was done and completed.
  • Both interviews have the same answers but the answering processes were different (eg. in one of them an answer was entered, then removed then entered differently).

The way it looks to me, the two interviews were created by a single tablet action (a double click on “Open”?), then one was conducted after the other.

They are short building listing interviews.
The SuSo version is 21.05.1

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Unlikely. Can you reproduce that?

  1. See the history of the assignment, if it had been >1 at some point.
  2. See if it was assigned to more than 1 interviewer in the same time.
  3. Talk to the interviewer to find out exactly, what she has been doing.

For excessive interviews, see this FAQ:

The double-click is just speculation.

  1. the assignment was always for a single interview
  2. it was assigned only once to a single user
  3. We will ask him when he comes to the office at the end of the week.

The puzzling thing is the short 1 second interval between the creation of the 2 interviews.

Inspect the detailed actions log for records like: started interview…
Use interview_keys and/or timestamps to determine the interviews stemming from the same assignment.

The action log shows:

|11:56 |Interview 63-72-86-82 opened|
|11:56 |Interview 70-41-11-16 closed|
|11:56 |Interview 70-41-11-16 opened|
|11:56 |Interview 63-72-86-82 created from assignment 233|
|11:56 |Interview 70-41-11-16 created from assignment 233|

From the paradata I can see the timestamps exact to the second.

Thanks, for your response. We found this bug, it will be fixed in next release.

Is it known when this happens? (to avoid the issue while waiting on the next release). We think it might have happened in our survey as well.

Unfortunately, we were still not able to reproduce error for all types of devices and Android versions, but we did manage to induce the error on one of our testing tablets when starting an interview from the map dashboard.

In case it helps to locate the problem: The case I have reported was also from the map dashboard.