Multimedia content not visible after re-assignment

Good day,

I’ve noticed that any multimedia content (Picture\Signature or Audio) after it has been captured on the tablet for the first time and the Interview was marked as completed and synchronized with the server, it is not visible on the tablet to view if the Supervisor has rejected the Interview back to the Interviewer or re-assigned the Interview to another Interviewer Tablet.

Could you kindly advise if we are doing anything wrong?

Kind Regards
Eugene Ehlers

Dear Eugene,

This is our current implementation. When a Supervisor rejects an interview with an image - it takes too much to sync it back again with a picure, for example. That’s why we removed it and all multimedia questions returns back ‘with no image’ inside, not to overload the sync process.

When an interviewer returns the interview back - picute will appear on interview details.

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Komarovskaya Aleksandra

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Dear Aleksandra,

Thank you for you reply, I thought that might be the case.

Kind Regards
Eugene Ehlers

Eugene, no not possible in the current version.

You can suggest this as a new feature:
Include a concise description (no more than 1 printed page) of your use case.

Best, Sergiy

Dear Aleksandra,

Apologies to open up this discussion again, but is it at all possible to re-sync the pictures back to the tablet? We have trackers that need to follow up on data that has been collected by the fieldworker and then marked as complete by the fieldworkers and synced to their Supervisor and then re-assigned to Trackers’ tablets. These pictures aid in assisting the trackers to identify specific details.

Is it possible that you could perhaps look into this or suggest a work-around?

Kind Regards
Eugene Ehlers

Dear Sergiy

Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated.

Kind Regards
Eugene Ehlers