Multilingual Questionnaires

Hello, I want to transtate from English to Spanish my survey, however I don´t have the option. I wonder how can I do to enable it

You press the first button, translate the file that you get, then press the second button to upload it back.

Thanks sergy, now I understand. I have to translate by myself, that is not a tool of the software.

Well, there is no automatic translation in Survey Solutions, as the machine translation is not acceptable for most of the surveys it has to deal with, but if you prefer, you can seek third-party tools to Translate text into a different language

Thanks Sergiy, I have an additional question related with Survey Solution. I wonder if there is any place for training, let say certification or something. Additionally, in the company where I work, they need and expert working in survey solution to solve some especific question, that is possible to find somenone?. Sorry, I maybe it is not the best way to ask this kind of questions

Hello Jaime, if your company is looking for an expert, one good way is to post a description of the anticipated task/vacancy to the Jobs and consultants section of this forum.

Similarly for the training needs.

Im based in Botswana, working for government company called NARDI; National Agricultural Reseasrch and development Institute. We request to register for using Survey solution application for conducting our surveys. At the moment we have installed the software in one of our servers and created Public IP address. Can you please facilitate with the domain registration. IP: X.X.X.X (redacted for privacy)

If “facilitate the domain registration” is understood as register the server with a specific IP with the Designer, then this is no longer required. Make sure you are using the contemporary version, though, and you should be good to go!

If, on the other hand it means acquire a particular domain name, then you need to acquire it via a domain name registrar. You will find a bunch of such companies named in the Wikipedia article: Domain name registrar - Wikipedia

A quick search in the internet yielded which provides links to individual registrars that can register a particular .bw domain name on your behalf.

Or contact BOCRA for assistance please:

Hope this helps.