'Multi selection' option is not listed in the question type

Hello, for some reason, I have only limited options in the available question types, naming:
single select
Shouldn’t there be an additional options ? If so, how can I manage to see the others too?

Thanks for any assistance.

You are most likely working on the Special Section: Cover Page

Move to a regular section where you will be able to add all question type again.


@omershlomi ,

in addition to Peter’s answer, see more in the earlier discussion of this in this forum:

Note also, that if you attempt to copy-paste a question which is not supported in the cover page from a different section, it will result in a compile-time error WB0308:

WB0308: Identifying questions can have only allowed types (Text, Numeric, DateTime, GpsCoordinates, SingleOption)

Best, Sergiy