Multi-select answer order - referring to the first option selected


I have the following scenario:

3.3b Could you please select all types of DOOR that were produced by in the last 3 months? Please record as first the most common door type. Record answer order
1=One-panel door 2=Two-panel door 3=Three-panel door
4=Four-panel door 5=Five-panel door 6=Six panel door
7=Burden door 8=Flash door 9=Other

Now I want to create a variable Q3_3c that is

  • == TWO-PANEL DOOR if the firm produces TWO-PANEL DOOR
  • == The FIRST ITEM selected in 3.3b if the firm does not produce TWO-PANEL DOOR

Could you please help me with that?
Thanks a lot,


Hello Raffaela,

here is how you could define q3_3c (long integer):

Best, Sergiy Radyakin