Multi-method: CATI, CAPI + online invites

We would like to understand if it is possible to work as follows in ONE survey. Qo part 1 & 2 & 3 & in one survey.
part 1: telephone recruitment by several of interviewers. ideally they can directly work from the sample uploaded in survey solutions and record the outcome codes instantly in survey solutions. we foresee a max of 10 contact attempts per telephone number. is there an easy way to link it to our telephone dialers? (we will have multiple dialers, cause multiple countries (with different dialers). Or should we would with online links and redirects that we can link to our CATI infrastructure.
part 2: for respondents willing to participate we would like to send out a survey confirmation to the e-mail adress we collect in the recruitment (part 1). Can e-mails be mailed out right away or do we have to upload the collected e-mail adresses somewhere else first?
part 3: face to face interviewers will then contact the respondents willing to participate to make an appointment, this contact attempt and the appointment details will then have to be stored as a separate contact attempt
part 4: face to face interviewers will visit the respondents willing to participate on the agreed time and complete the entire survey (a survey of 1hr)

Is this all technically possible in 1 project whilst well capturing the different interviewer id’s (either telephone or face to face interviewers)

If not possible, which other suggestions do you have? e.g. Can we easily link one project (survey) to another or would this require manual reuploading of sample

Many thanks in advance