Moving Interviewers

We added a supervisor to our team and reassigned a few interviewers to this NewSupervisor.

While reassigning the interviewer to the new supervisor you get two options:

  1. Make original supervisor responsible for the existing assignments and interviews of the moved interviewer(s).
  2. Move interviewer(s) with their assignments and interviews to the team of supervisor NewSupervisor.

We chose option 1, with the intension that the OldSupervisor will continue with the older assignments and the NewSupervisor will look after the assignments from this point onwards.

These unexpected things happened:

  1. All assignments where the OldSupervisor was the supervisor, the responsible got changed to the OldSupervisor.
  2. All interviews that were submitted, the responsible and the supervisor got changed to OldSupervisor.

We had to reassign these back to their original interviewers. Is this a bug or intentional?

Hello @ashwinikalantri ,

at any moment an interviewer is supervised by a single supervisor. Your ‘intended’ behavior contradicts this, in that sense that the interviewer will have some interviews on the dashboard destined for one supervisor and some for the other. It also doesn’t fit into any of the 2 described modes.

Some more clarification here:

@sergiy I understand the intended action now.

But, contrary to this, we are able to reassign interviews to the same interviewer but with different supervisor. Of course this has to be done manually by reassigning the supervisor and then reassigning the interviewer.

An example here:
We were able to break the supervisor - interviewer pair here. Sl12 is supervised by vm04.

But for this interview, we were able to change his supervisor to Gk03.

Any rejected interview that was received on the tablet by the interviewer, once completed by that interviewer, will go to the scope of the current supervisor of that interviewer.

It is not possible to assign something “to some interviewer with some supervisor” (together).

Now, we still must be able to address the screenshots sent by @ashwinikalantri . The exact steps are not clear to me. Here is what I can think of to mimic this issue even without reassigning people between teams:

  1. HQ or admin create an assignment for interviewer SI in team of supervisor SS.
  2. SI starts interview online. Observe:
  • Status = InterviewerAssigned.
  • Responsible = SI
  • Supervisor = SS.
  1. HQ or admin reassign to interviewer KI in the team of supervisor KS. Observe:
  • Status = InterviewerAssigned,
  • Responsible = KI,
  • Supervisor = SS,

Still, once KI completes the interview, the system will seek who is the current supervisor of KI in the workspace where the interview was completed and route the interview to her.

A few hints:

  1. Moving the interviewers is designed as an “emergency surgery” operation to the hierarchy of the users. For example, it is something you would do in the case if you need to split an extra large team which the supervisor can’t control anymore, or if the interviewer is relocating to a different region and needs to be monitored by a different staff.

  2. It is also used often after the training and before the actual fieldwork for the cases where the exact assignment and roles are not determined yet before the training.

  3. If you are formulating a protocol where reassigning an interviewer from one team to another is a predictable “by-design” activity, then something is wrong with this protocol. Moreover, you may go into the uncharted territory, as you may devise a scenario which we simply couldn’t anticipate and test our software.

  4. Reassigning an interviewer from one team to another is best done when the interviewer is having nothing assigned to him/her (sees empty dashboard). Anything else will always cause doubts a lahas she already started/completed the interview before the reassignment? What will happen to it? or what had happened to it?” Reassigning after the training (#2 above) is a clear case where the training data should be removed from the tablets, such as by deleting the training questionnaire and synching all the dashboards.

Before now, I wasn’t aware that the supervisor - interviewer pairs are supposed to be intact by design. We have, in the past allotted a few interviews from interviewer1 to supervisor1 and few to supervisor2. In this case, we were splitting the team by introducing a new supervisor.

Our intension was that the original supervisor continues to check and supervise the already collected interviews (rejected forms can be better handled by the original supervisor).

The steps that we followed here is:

  1. Assign the interview to a new supervisor. This changes the responsible and supervisor to this new supervisor.
  2. Assign the interview to a new interviewer. This only changes the responsible to the new interviewer. The supervisor remains the same as changed in the last step.

Another suggestion. The only time when we have to regularly reassign interviews is to delete them. We have created a interviewer - supervisor pair to delete interviewers that need to be discarded. An built-in feature to delete interviews (with ability to restore them to their original interviewer-supervisor pair) is intuitive. Out current arrangement is a workaround.

After the interview is completed by the interviewer mentioned in step 2, which supervisor receives it? The original one mentioned in step #1 or the current supervisor of the interviewer mentioned in step #2? (I assume the interviewer in step #2 is supervised by a different supervisor).

Let me verify this.


The original as in step1#

This interview was assigned to the trash team with supertrash as supervisor and trash as interviewer.

I reassigned this to Rm08, but the supervisor remained supertrash. Rm08 completed the interview and the interview was visible to supertrash to take action.

Dear @ashwinikalantri,

thank you very much for providing the missing details.

The rule formulated above stands:

Any rejected interview that was received on the tablet by the interviewer, once completed by that interviewer, will go to the scope of the current supervisor of that interviewer.

and deviations from it will be treated as bugs. My colleagues and I managed to reproduce the problem where a different supervisor receives an interview than the supervisor of the submitting interviewer. This has been noted as a defect and will be fixed in a future release.

With your provided details we have detected several scenarios where this can occur, with and without reassignment of the interviewers to teams.

Current users should not design protocols in which the current defect is exploited for fieldwork, as this will be changed.

Finally, the rule formulated above stands if the server agrees to receive such an interview. Reassigning responsibilities implies that the submitting interviewer may be no longer responsible for the interview. Such as in the case where it was

  1. rejected to A
  2. received by A
  3. reassigned to B
  4. received by B
  5. completed and sent by B.
  6. completed by A.
  7. sent by A (here the interview goes to broken packages, mentioned briefly here).

The fix will involve several changes, notably:

  • the supervisor will see the interview assigned to his interviewer immediately once such a reassignment occurs (and not when the interviewer submits the completed interview), and
  • the current supervisor will be checked when the interview arrives to the server (in case there were changes to the supervisor-interviewer mapping).

Hope this helps.

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This issue should not be reproducible in the current version (21.06.3) or newer.
If there is any remaining scenario where this behavior may be observed, please shout.

I can still break the interviewer - supervisor pair.

This inter view had user as trash and supervisor as supertrash. I assigned it to a new user (AG06). The supervisor remained to be supertrash. supertrash is not AG06's supervisor.

Screenshot 2021-08-19 at 4.18.02 PM

Hello @ashwinikalantri ,
thank you for trying.

I believe this is still inconclusive. An interview may not be in the hands of both the interviewer and the supervisor. If I understand correctly your scenario, the interview is currently assigned to the interviewer. Now, please, do the final step - complete the interview as an interviewer. It should rectify itself and go to the hands of the correct supervisor (the supervisor of AG06 at that moment)

Even after completing the interview, the interview remains with the old supervisor.

When ever an interview is assigned/reassigned, the system should check and change the supervisor too. This should happen at the time of assignment and not at completion of the interview. The interviewer-supervisor pair should always be honoured.

Thank you for the feedback. Will check again.