Moving Interviewers between Teams

We moved an interviewer to another team choosing to move interviewer with their assignments and interviews to the new team. The interviewer had a large number of interviewers (about 9000). The progress indicator doesn’t seem to be moving:

The interviews have been reassigned but this page hasn’t updated. Are there any processes still in progress? Can I close this window?

Dear @ashwinikalantri ,

thank you for the question. It is assumed that the client device is “weak”, meaning that it doesn’t do any critical activity and may be shut down unexpectedly (e.g. your laptop to run out of power) without catastrophic damage to the data on the server. In fact it is calling the server to do the action and only reports to you the progress. The server will continue doing what it is doing even when you disconnect.

There are several similar situations, for example, the exporting of the data - you don’t have to have the export page open all the time as the export is running. Instead you can start it, disconnect, connect from a different device and pick up the results later.

Why no progress is indicated is unclear to me, but you can open another tab on this or a different device and verify that the interviewer account is now mapped to a different team, and the corresponding interviews/assignments are still having him/her as responsible.

Regardless, 9,000 is far, and I mean FAR! beyond what is intended to be assigned to a single interviewer. The exact figure would depend on the survey of course, but indicatively a 3-day workload is what I expect the interviewers to carry, perhaps 25 interviews if an interview takes about an hour (3x8=24), adjust upwards if there are refusals to participate (which are then closed quickly).

I can’t imagine being able to find anything in such a large number of cards (or even being able to read it all in a day).

Put simply, don’t do this to your interviewers:

do this:

Excellent. But the progress indicator refused to move. I did check on another tab to verify.

9000 is indeed a large number of interviews. But, that is the total interviews that the interviewer has submitted to date. They are not the active assignments, assigned to her. That number should be between 50 and 100.

Reassignment of team changes the supervisor in the completed/approved/rejected interviews too.