Move server instance into workspace

Good day,
I have a server with more than one instance of headquarters loaded on different ports e.g. 9700 and 9701
I want to upgrade the server to the latest version with workspace functionality. I know it will upgrade the default instance(9700) to the new version, but would it be possible to import the other instance (9701) as a workspace once upgraded?

Hello Danie,

there is no such feature as “to import … instance … as a workspace” in Survey Solutions. But you can certainly organize a second workspace, then import the questionnaires from your 9701 instance, create assignments not fulfilled yet, etc.

While workspaces are co-existing, they are not completely isolated. For example, if there is an interviewer Danie in one of them, he can’t be present (at least in the current implementation) in a different workspace. Such collisions are very likely in the case of multiple instances.

Thank you Sergiy,
I think it is clear. I will have to stop fieldwork on these instances(that is different from default installation 9700) and start fresh on the new version.
I will schedule this to happen at the end of the quarter.