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Our user Felipe Pizarro Recabarren from INE Chile has sent us the following question:

it has happened more than once that during the collection a pollster has changed supervisor during the collection period. However, so far we have not found an option in the graphical interface that allows us to change the supervisor

An interviewer can be moved to another team (report to another supervisor), see release notes for v5.26.

Other users have earlier reported problems with the move of an interviewer from an offline supervisor.

For the moment, form the team first, then switch to offline mode (if you are using it at all).

Hi Sergiy,

I am trying to transfer one interviewer to another team (i.e. supervisor) but struggling to see how to do this in 22.02.4. Is this functionality still available? The interviewers tab under “Teams and Roles” doesn’t seem to have this option anymore. I’ve also looked at the “Users” tab on the server administration page where I have the option to add or remove a user from a workspace. I tried adding an interviewer to the same workspace but selecting a different supervisor, but this didn’t seem to work (the original supervisor remains after this). I am guessing that was not the intention of this functionality of moving users between workspaces anyway.

Apologies if I am missing something obvious or another post where this is addressed.

A colleague was able to figure it out, posting here for others (not sure if there is a space on the support page for this already).

From the Users tab on the server administration page, you MUST (at least as of 22.02.4) apply the workspace filter (even if the server only has one workspace). Then the “Move to another team” option comes up when you select an interviewer.

Without selecting workspace in filter:

After selecting workspace in filter:

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Hello @kmcgee

This is correct and the reason for this is that in recent versions one interviewer may report to different supervisors in different workspaces. So if you want to move the interviewer to another team the program needs to know in which workspace.

Best, Sergiy