Most Recent Action column in Data Export Webpage

Sometimes it is difficult to track exactly which questionnaire has had recent actions.

It would be nice if the Data Export page of HQ had a column next to the ‘Generated On’ column showing when the most recent action was for that questionnaire, which makes it very easy to determine if it’s worth re-generating that export.

  1. At the moment you can obtain this information by going to the list of interviews, sorting by UPDATED ON, and filtering by questionnaire name. The interview at the top will tell you the last data change in that survey.

  2. Generating the data is usually under a minute time. So one can simply regenerate at will.

I agree with point #1, it isn’t overly difficult to find the information, but it would be so much more user friendly to have the information right there - especially if you have multiple questionnaires or multiple versions of questionnaires

I disagree with point #2 - although it is very quick to generate the data, it would be much nicer to know at a glance you don’t have to generate, download, perform data processing and update statistics for that questionnaire