More than one interview for the same assignment

Hi everyone, we found a problem with the assigments. All assignments are generated to collect a single interview, but there are several cases that have more than one interview for the same assignment (mostly 2 and in some cases even 3, see attached images). This happened with web interviewers (no reassignments were made), version 22.02.7, and the interviews have the same creation date and time.

At first, we thought it was an operation issue, as we could reproduce the error by opening two tabs with the same login and starting the same assignment on each tab. We told the interviewers to avoid this practice. But the problem persisted and the interviewers said they weren’t using more than one tab.

We would like to know if this is a bug. In that case, is it fixed in the new version?

Thank you in advance for your reply!

Hello @vicarin.

Thank you for the description of what the interviewers were not doing. Before we can confirm whether this is a bug or not, can we get a description of what they actually were doing to make this happen? I guess it is a matter of contacting EPHRodriguez and asking him/her what did he/she do at 11:20? Then reproduce that in a controlled environment to make sure that the answer indeed results in the issue you describe.

PS: You write the version of the software was 22.02.7, but your screenshot tells otherwise.

Hi @sergiy and thank you for your answer. According to the interviewers, they were using the system the as they always do (although two interviews are not always generated for the same assignment, so the problem appears to be random). We are going to insist on the consultation but we wont have an update until next tuesday, because next few days are holidays.

I’ll keep you up to date with the news!

PS: Regarding the version, the screenshots shows the “new version available”. I send a new image where it is seen more clearly.

Hello @vicarin, thank you very much for the clarifications.

The ‘random’ nature of the problem seems to be especially worrisome.
Perhaps there is some detail that is missing in the description and it’s best to find out what it really is.
Even if you think that it is random, please check if you see any pattern. Perhaps, interviews created by some users, but not the others. If so, ask if the interviewers have shared the passwords with anyone?? (Even then the system should not allow them to create more than the permitted number of interviews, but you said earlier that you’ve managed to do this in the case of two tabs). I see unlikely that two actions can be undertaken in the same instance in two different tabs, or on two different machines. So it must be something else.

Perhaps also inspect the history of the assignment. Do you see any manipulations there?


Good day @sergiy and @vicarin,

I could reproduced the issue and raised the ticket to fix it, please take a look and feel free to track the progress here.

this assumes the interviewers were disregarding the instruction “not to do that”.
Of course we know that “Everybody lies” (C) House MD, but still.

Please report such issues when discover them. It is totally not secure to rely on discipline in such cases, but rather the system must control this, so if it doesn’t that is a bug.
@vfedoseev confirmed that. But can this be reproduced without multiple tabs.

Also how prevalent is the issue? 1 out of a 1000, or 1 out of 10?

Hello @sergiy and @vfedoseev, we got the answer from the interviewer and the problem is that they are sharing the user and accessing the system at the same time. So the “two-tab logic” applies here, when we have two interviewers logged in with the same user on different PCs and managing the same cases.

We reproduce this action and get two interviews for the same assignment. If one of the interviewers refreshes the SuSo window, the assignment started by the other is not displayed.

We know that we should insist that username and password are personal and should not be shared. But since it is possible that some do not respect this indication (they are decentralized teams that have their own supervisors and coordinators), is it possible that the system prevents the same interviewer user from accessing to the system on more than one pc? (as it happens with the app)

Best regards!

@vicarin , thank you very much for following up with the interviewers and confirming that the root cause of the problem is the same. Interviewers should not be sharing the passwords. Please investigate if the reason for sharing was carelessness, or there was some step in your survey protocol, which is impossible to carry out without this.

Anyhow, the system should not allow such thing to happen even if the interviewers collude, disregard your instructions, etc. A defect has been recorded regarding this issue and you can monitor its status here:

I think your best bet would be to enforce 2-factor authentication for all accounts on the server.

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