Mixed survey (CATI-CAPI)

Is it possible to carry out a mixed survey (CATI-CAPI) with the same interview ??, which would be the best practice

Due to the current pandemic situation, the institution evaluates the possibility of conducting part of the interview in person and then continuing the interview by telephone. Is this possible and what is your recommendation.

Hello @Felipe_Jimenez

In Survey Solutions many things are possible, this tool is really amazing.

You plan to visit the interviewee to gather information in person, then plan to call and continue the interview.

This is possible by following these steps:

  1. First create an assignment for your interviewer responsible for visiting the interviewee. This interviewer collects the information and completes the interview and then syncs your tablet or other device.
  2. Second, when you receive the interview on your server, you must decline it and assign it to your new interviewer, your new interviewer must use a computer or laptop and Survey Solutions online. You can also use Survey Solutions offline using the interview app, but you need to sync first to receive declined interviews.

I don’t know if this is good practice, but something similar was done in Honduras and it worked very well.