Missing Word in Tablet View


We noticed that there is a missing questionnaire word on the tablet view for a couple of our questions, that has been replaced with an underscore. There are no fills programmed for this question and we have confirmed that the translation file is complete and accurate. We also checked the web version of the survey and the word appears in that version of the instrument. We cannot understand why the word is missing from the question, especially since it is an issue that is specific to the tablet. Could you please advise? I have included screenshots below:

Programmed English question. You can see here that there are no fills programmed for the question.

Hindu translation with the word that is missing highlighted:

View on web tester:

View on tablet with missing word (replaced with an underscore):

Check that you’ve loaded the correct version of the questionnaire to the tablet.

Hi Sergiy,

We are using the correct version of the instrument. We have also tried uploading a new Hindi file into the Designer but that did not resolve the issue either. Do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you,


Export the questionnaire from hq and send that file to the support.