Missing variables after data export

After data collection some variables are not downloaded with the data, looking at the actual questionnaires data is available but after downloading it, the columns are #NA# or -999999999, plus some variables are not generated with the data. assist

Dear Yvonne, this seems to be a known issue as at least one other user has reported a similar problem. Our team is already working on the patch, which should be out this week. If the data is needed sooner, please contact the support at support@mysurvey.solutions and specify the server address and the interview keys (nn-nn-nn-nn) for the affected interviews. The data is ok, since you see it in the HQ interview details, and this is just an exporting issue. Sincerely, Sergiy

Thanks for the reply. Waiting for it to be fixed then

Yvonne, what is your server address? You can send it to our email support along with the interview ids where you ve noticed the problem. Thank you. Sergiy.

Good Day,
We have also been experiencing the same issue on version 18.12.5 Have this been resolved in a patch that can be applied to our version.



as far as I know there were no more complaints on this issue after the January release. Current version is 19.02.1 (build 24046).
Please update your installation.

Best, Sergiy

Thank you sergiy,
We are in production and have an agreement with field staff to upgrade once a quarter to minimize disruption in field. our next upgrade is planned for 31 March. Will there be a new release before then or should I upgrade to 19.02.1

Kind regards