Missing questionnaire sections

Hi there,
I experience a problem where some of the sections in the tool disappeared when I import it to the headquarters. However, when using the online tester in the design, all the sections display.
Surprisingly the same questionnaire version displays these missing sections for some assignments, while for others it does not.
I have been unable to identify the source of the problem. Kindly assist to troubleshoot this. Thanks


Check for enabling conditions of these missing sections.
In Tester nothing is preloaded, but in assignments some variables may be preloaded and switch off sections and questions.

@wilfredomondi , have you followed the advice of @klaus ? And did it solve the issue?

In addition to the differences in the preloading data in different assignments which was mentioned by Klaus, the sections’ enabling conditions may refer to the random numbers generated by the system for each interview, making them appear different even in the absence of the preloading.