Migration and Belize

Results of the Migration Modules Attached to the 2021 Labor Force Survey (full text in PDF)


Since September 2020, a hybrid method for collecting data was undertaken in response to COVID-19. For this method, the interviewers first called the household by telephone if a contact number was available and would only follow up with a face-toface interview in the field if telephone service is not available, if the person makes an appointment or if they otherwise could not be contacted. Data Collection commenced with the primary objective being to capture at least fifty percent or more of the data by telephone. All the information obtained in the telephone and face-to-face interviews were captured in a data collection software called Survey Solutions, developed by the World Bank.

The completed interviews were reviewed by the interviewers and then verified by the zone supervisor, either by listening to the recordings stored by the interviewer or by weekly field visits that included the verification of data by face-to-face interviews. The interviewer, once satisfied with the content of the data recorded, uploads the questionnaire on the institute’s server via Surveys Solutions. These uploaded questionnaires were then checked by editors who reviewed each questionnaire ensuring that it was consistent and logical. Random verification of the final data was then made by either a zone supervisor or the head editor, who had also formed the first line of reference for both the interviewers and the editors.


The trainees, besides being trained on the purpose of the survey and how best to capture
the data most accurately, were also trained to utilize the main software used to collect data, Survey Solutions. Survey Solutions is a tool developed by the World Bank for data capture. There are three levels associated with the application. At the HQ level, the questionnaire is designed, assignments are uploaded, user accounts are created, these created accounts are in turn used by data collectors and editors to input and verify information collected in the field. The software allows for the download of the dataset (SPSS, excel format) at different points in time during data collection.

Note that Survey Solutions in the current and past versions exports data to a tab-delimited unicode text format that can be opened in Excel, but is not a native MS Excel format (.xls, or .xlsx).