Migrating questionnaire

I would need to migrate a questionnaire from Excel , should I first transfer this questionnaire to ODK (or similar platform) in order to be able to upload it in Survey Solutions?

Hello @idevaux and welcome to the forum!

The answer is probably negative, since whether you “transfer the questionnaire to ODK (or similar platform)” or not, you will have difficulty in the last step “upload it in Survey Solutions” because it doesn’t have this functionality.

You may want to use the Designer tool to implement your survey questionnaire in Survey Solutions and use the following article for guidance along the way:

Many thanks for your answer

Sure, no worries. And I know it is easy to get confused. I just ran your question by an AI system, and it wholeheartedly describes the non-existing functionality in very specific, but all-wrong details:

This looks more like a creative fantasy than facts.