Method name expected

clicked compile and got an “option filter expression has a syntax error” hovering over the question in error shows another bubble “method name expected”. I’ve searched on what these errors are telling me so I know what I did wrong. I know I have a syntax error and I’ve tried other ways of writing the syntax but no luck. Are there release notes on what each error means so we can get pointed in the right direction on how to solve on our own?

Dear Faola,

In order to understand what this error means we need to see the questionnaire.
The issue can be in filter, even if you missed to put some brakets () whatever.

Please, share your questionnaire and we will take a look.

Best regards,


Edith, please make sure that when you are mentioning any functions you are spelling them correctly. Every letter and the case of letters matter. For example, not Fullyearbetween(), but FullYearsBetween().

We need to see the expression with a syntax error to tell what the error really is. The detail message you are seeing is the compiler’s best guess of the nature of the problem, which is apparently too far from your actual intent, it is produced by a C# compiler and is usually associated with multi-threaded parallel programming.

Best, Sergiy