Metadata Methodology

Could you please provide some information about the methodology Survey Solutions use for the metadata creating process?

Could you expend little more on what do you mean by ‘metadata’ in this context? there are two features that may be of interest to you:

  • You can export meta information about the data in the DDI format. See here for what DDI is.
  • You can have information about the data-collection process itself (we call it paradata) - these are detailed action and event logs with detailed information of when action/event took place, who was the originator and what was the outcome.

If the metadata is meant from the Designer’s point of view, then the metadata categories grossly follow the categories defined in the [World Bank Microdata Library] (Home), such those defined for ‘Study type’ or ‘Mode of data collection’, but I agree with Zurab that the question is not clear and needs additional details.